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STARS OF EXPORT is a leading company in growing, preparing, packing and exporting fresh vegetables and fruit It launched its business in 1992 as a supplier for Egyptian exporters and started exporting spring onion and garlic to Switzerland and England in 1998. The company is surrounded by an agricultural atmosphere as it is located in Upper Egypt; which is famous of growing garlic, onion, green beans..etc.

Accordingly, the company gained a great experience in trading in such natural products.
Year after year, the company has gained a worldwide reputation for quality and managed to export its products to the European Union’s countries, besides Croatia, Ukraine and Russia.
And to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, our products’ list expanded to include pomegranates, oranges, sweet potatoes, capsicum, chili, strawberry, grapes, green beans, peas and artichokes.
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With over 1600 hectares of spring onion , garlic and fresh onions grown so far and with every crop Stars Of Export is your supplier specialized in cultivation those products . this season we had enlarged our cultivated area and year after year we gain better results depending on our great stuff of agronomists whom do their best for the best results.

We know that supplying top quality produce is more than just growing it , which is why we follow exact sorting and packing practices as well as strict post - harvest protocols . the company has more than 250 employees 90% of them are rural females whom take care of their families and Children , those are the real power of our company, as they do great efforts to promote their company's level and deliver their client high- quality products.

Anywhere in the world, we are able to deliver products. The products we export meet our customers ' exact specifications on time, in the best possible condition and what customers expect from fresh produce supplier

Quality Standards

Stars of Export has the experience needed to achieve the requested quality from the European supermarkets. Stars Of Export considers both food safety and quality the top priorities of its policy, the cold storage and a skilled pack house team ensure that all products are prepared and packed efficiently, with quality being paramount. This gives Stars of Export the flexibility to be able to respond to customers demands, no matter what complexes or challenges.

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We are very proud of the certifications we have obtained over the years and those we are about to get. Learn more about our certificates.

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