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We are one of the biggest artichokes growers in Egypt. Our mechanized packing plant is located in the middle of the only area in Egypt producing artichokes. We export artichokes only from our farms and contracted farmers to insure purity of the variety, highest quality and guarantee freshness. Early crop in December is only available from our packing plant.


  • ”Varieties”


  • ”Availability”

    Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar

  • ”Size”

     • Size 1:  6 to 7.5 cm diameter of about 180 to 200 g weight per fruit • Size 2:  7.5 to 9 cm diameter of about 225 to 250 g weight per fruit. • Size 3:  9 to 11 cm diameter of about 275 to 300 g weight per fruit. 

  • ”Weight”


  • ”Packing”

    The pack is carrying different number of fruits according to the size 

  • ”Package”

    Carton Box, Wooden Box


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