Strawberry Stars of Export Strawberries


Stars Of Export started exporting strawberries in 2000 with little quantity to Switzerland And year after year we gained a very good back ground , now STARS OF Export can supply you with any quantities as your request with a very high quality.


  • ”Varieties”

    Kamaroza , Florida , Sweet , Festival 

  • ”Availability”

    Jan, Feb, Nov, Dec 

  • ”Size”

    Small, Medium, Large 

  • ”Weight”

    8 Punnets 250 Grms/ punnet , 10 Punnets 250 Grms / punnet . 

  • ”Packing”

    High Punnet and Flat Punnet 

  • ”Package”

    Open top carton 10 flat punnet 250 Grms , Open top carton 8 high punnet 250 Grms 

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