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With over 1600 hectares of spring onion , garlic and fresh onions grown so far and with every crop Stars Of Export is your supplier specialized in cultivation those products . this season we had enlarged our cultivated area
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We know that supplying top quality produce is more than just growing it , which is why we follow exact sorting and packing practices as well as strict post - harvest protocols . the company has more than 250
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Anywhere in the world, we are able to deliver products. The products we export meet our customers ' exact specifications on time, in the best possible condition and what customers expect from fresh produce supplier
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What else do we have ?

Stars of Export started exporting pomegranate in 1993 with 35 tons shipped by air to Switzerland , and now we gained excellant back ground that makes STARS OF EXPORT one of the biggest companies in Egypt exporting to European and Asian countries ,Stars Of Export location in Upper Egypt is one of the main reason for making Stars Of Export the only supplier you have to depend on.

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Stars Of Export started exporting strawberries in 2000 with little quantity to Switzerland And year after year we gained a very good back ground , now STARS OF Export can supply you with any quantities as your request with a very high quality.

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Stars of Export started exporting grapes in 2002 in aim to enlarge our products list , working in such product really need an expert exporter like Stars of Export that has always seeks for the best for it’s clients STARS OF EXPORT grapes is known in Supermarkets of European and Asian countries.

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We are one of the biggest artichokes growers in Egypt. Our mechanized packing plant is located in the middle of the only area in Egypt producing artichokes. We export artichokes only from our farms and contracted farmers to insure purity of the variety, highest quality and guarantee freshness. Early crop in December is only available from our packing plant.

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